Dare To Struggle Be Not Afraid

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Anne Harris

"This book delves into this very topic—the theology of struggle. It plunges far deeper than theological reflections and oral representations available. It goes to the source of what became known as the theology of struggle—it goes to the very people themselves. It journeys with these progressive Christians as they discover a new way of life, a new way of ‘being’ church. It travels with them from early days of transformation, watches as some lose their all-important Christian identity, reports the moment when they claim their place in Philippine history, and remains with those who continue to struggle to this day. It reports crucial incidents, reveals the dangers and frustrations faced, but never loses hope.
 Indeed, this is not a theological text, despite its name. It is a book about a courageous group of men and women—church people from diverse backgrounds—who joined the revolutionary struggle in the Philippines."

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