The Gift Of Grace

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Celia Hernando Tobia-Bulan, PhD/ Augustus Ceasar Destura Latosa, MA

Then “Grace” came along, whose simple persona epitomized a pristine love of truth, the only offering she could give to the people. But she spoke from the ground, from the lived experiences of marginalization and victimization caused by the “performances” claimed by the powerful as the rescue package for the marginalized when, in fact, they deepened and made permanent their impoverishment. 
But life is not linear. And discourses continuously evolve such that the trajectory of the battle between the “beautiful” and the “ugly ” continuously evolves, but it may never be the same again... 
The authors displayed such sensitivity to societal dissonance, and spoke the unspoken. A very opportune time to lay bare in a popular medium what is taking so long for the Filipino to question, that which has been hurting our society: patronage politics. Although this issue has been taken up through volumes of academic writing, putting the biographical narrative of “Grace” is made alive in real “flesh and blood,” the pains and the eventual triumph of morality in public life which is still remaining as the prime struggle of the present governance in the country.

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