Go Out To Seek Hearts

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Go Out To Seek Hearts

When Pope Francis was still a cardinal in Buenos Aires, he was concerned to guide the work of the catechists in the archdiocese.  Fruit of the gatherings and celebrations, these important messages wherein Jorge M. Bergoglio emphasizes that the mission of the catechists responds to a true vocation in the service of the Christian community are what we are left with.  To be a catechist is to participate in this pastoral task of receiving, accompanying, announcing and celebrating the faith of those who are in search of it.  Beyond the teachers of the doctrine, the Church needs witnesses who are selfless and who lively transmit the faith; authentic servants of the Word who have allowed themselves to be touched by the Word itself and its project in life.  The joy, the tenderness, the closeness… these are the traits of those men and women who have been seduced by this Word of life that they are announcing.

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