God In The Midst Of Change

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Diarmuid O'Murchu

In the closing decades of the twentieth century, we heard a great deal about paradigms and paradigm shifts.Confronted with a culture of rapid change, specialists tried to make sense of what was transpiring all around. Some used a 300-year threshold  focusing mainly on change driven by technology; others adopted a 10,000-year benchmark to highlight the breakdown of the dominant patriarchal power structure. And between those two dates, several other time-scales were analyzed. What was lacking in many of those analyses was an evolutionary overview, indicating what we are outgrowing in terms of our past, how to make sense of a confusing and turbulent present time, and striving to be more receptive to the future directions of evolution at every level. As the reader moves through the material of this book, a sense of pattern begins to unfold, and we discern the hand of God more clearly at work. It helps to make sense of the upheaval all around us, while offering direction and hope for a more promising future.

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