The Paschal Mystery And Divine Compassion

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Antonio V. Romualdez

This book is an invitation to prayerful reflection during Holy Week on what Jesus, as reported in John’s gospel, intended to communicate to his followers then and now, when he spoke of the hour of his being lifted up as the moment when the Son of Man–and the Father as well—is to be “glorified”. Is the Cross itself some kind of “universal notice” then to be “lifted up”? A demonstration of sorts? Is Christ’s utter humiliation at the same time a glorification? Is the Cross the Father’s glorification too–a self-revelation really and a “universal notice” of infinite Love? Is that what it means then, that the Son on the Cross reveals–or maybe more aptly, placards—the very inner being of the Father because “anyone who sees me sees the Father”? What this book offers are a few thoughts and images that, put together one way or another, could evoke answers to these questions from the farthest corners of your hearts, and even perhaps from the depths of what a priest-friend once called an “Abba experience” in the solitude and silence of a retreat.

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