Pedro Calungsod Patron For The Filipino Youth

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Fr. Salvador G. Agualada, CMF

Pedro Calungsod: Patron for the Filipino Youth, is (not including the images) a product of over a period of three weeks of intense reading, research, reflection, prayer and writing. It is truly a la bor of love, and of great faith too in this Visayan youth who, at the dawn of his manhood, discovered  Christ, fell in love with him, and generously gave up his life for the faith when the call to martyrdom on the shores of another land came. This work is a testament to my belief that Pedro Calungsod has so much to teach us, especially our young people of today, at this time in our life and in the life of our nation. It is my humble contribution to the Philippine Church, especially to the Church in the Visayas, in our collective effort to spread the devotion to this great Visayan saint at the threshold  of his "elevation  to the altars:" It is for this reason  that I happilly' present it to you, dear readers, with the hope and prayer that through this modest booklet more and more people, especially the youth, may come to know him, be inspired by his life and  holiness, and seck sanctity by emulating his virtues, particularly (if and when situations call for it) the brave and heroic shedding of his blood for the faith on that morning of Apri l2, 1672 in Guam. May these reflections  inspire us to really take more personal efforts to get to know this young saint who, by dying at  the age of seventeen or eighteen, truly deserves  to be called the Patron for the Filipino youth!

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