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Tears in a Bottle

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Msgr. Fernando G. Gutierrez, HP, MRE, D.Min.

      There is universality in tears. Tears are common to both humans and beasts. Humans shed tears, irrespective of who we are, knowingly or unknowingly. Tears don’t know any barrier of creed, race, culture and philosophy. We shed tears out of compassion for the misery, brokenness, poverty and lamentations of the world. We shed tears out of sheer joy, a new beginning and a milestone in life. It does not matter whether our tears are born out of gladness or sorrow, because God keeps our Tears in a Bottle.
      This book, TEARS IN A BOTTLE, is a saga of Biblical tearful people’s message of abandonment, deception, sorrow, consolation, unity and love to people today.

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