Word Mission Rev Ed Vol. 2

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Word Mission Rev Ed Vol. 2
Ed. Josep M. Abella

This book is a journey made with other people. It recognizes the multiplicity of initiatives that other groups have already initiated in the Church like propose new methods on how best to walk with the Word and make it as a basis for life and mission.
 The book makes some proposals on how to profit from this Word-Mission project. It underlines the following elements that would give unique perspective to our study of the Word:
 (a) To integrate the daily reading of the Word in the life and rhythm of the individual and of the group who wish to make this journey.
 (b) To go beyond the mere reading of the Word in its critical and textual level so that it will truly be a spiritual reading of God’s Word. Thus a passage has to be made from “what the Bible says” to “what does it tell me” and “what does it tell us”.
 (c) To read the Word in view of service, that is, the Word as a source of spirituality and energy in one’s commitment to serve the other.

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