Dancing with the Sacred

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A Missionary Spirituality
Fr. Percy Juan G. Bacani, MJ

Drawing from stories and personal experiences, Fr. Bacani invites us to see our relationship with the Sacred as learning to dance gracefully in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, in the middle of the fighting and at the end of it.  He challenges the readers to consider the missionaries’ own life and engagements – their inner struggles with power and sexuality, their delicate relationship with local cultures and peoples, their changing views of cosmos and creation, their sometimes ambivalent relationship with the poor and the socially excluded as potent areas where the Divine invites us to dance in graceful liberation and freedom.  This book proves most helpful to missionaries, spiritual guides, theologians and personal searchers as it engages with the most recent issues of theology, ministry and spirituality.”
 – Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM
St. Vincent School of Theology and Adamson University

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