Seeds of Formation

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Fermnando Preckler C.CS.R

With deep concern, I offer these seeds – the passion of service to persons, to our Congregation or Diocese, to the Church, and to the world in the perspective of God. Vocation is above all a grace, a gift of the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit that draws a Christian, starting from Baptism to a special consecration to Him. Therefore, the mission to take care of vocations is above all the task of the mysterious collaboration with this call from God that demands discernment, care, and fulfillment.  This is the risk and the beauty of this specific commitment.  We need the abundant gifts of the    Holy Spirit, mostly intelligence, wisdom and counsel. May the Lord’s blessing make these insignificant seeds grow, and may many seminarians, religious, men and women, find in them their nests of light and peace.

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