The Law Of The Spirit

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Nil Guillemette

This book is centered on the notion of covenant and its essential component, which is that of law.  First it focuses on the old Mosaic covenant with its Law (the Ten Commandments) written on stone tablets.  Then it shows that such a covenant could only be broken because its Law was exterior to the human heart.  Then come Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea and Second Isaiah announcing a NEW covenant.  This one’s law will be written on the human heart and, therefore, will be unbreakable.  It will consist in nothing less than the Holy Spirit himself – so much so that law and Spirit will mean the same thing (like in the expression: the city of Manila, where “city” and “Manila” are the same reality.)  That is why, as the book concludes, even non-Christians of good will can be saved if they only follow the Spirit’s gentle promptings in their hearts.

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