Jesus Of Nazareth What He Wanted Who He Was

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Gerhard Lohfink

Culmination of decades of careful investigation and reflection. The result is a portrait that is impressive in scope and astonishing for its insights. Lohfink squarely faces important issues about the nature of fact, history, and interpretation, and he takes very seriously the Jewishness of Jesus.
What results are fascinating insights into Jesus’ miracles, his preaching, his celibacy, and what it means to be his disciple. Lohfink offers deeper understandings of what the Scriptures meant to Jesus, his relationship with the state, and the connection between the reign of God he preached and the death he died. He lays out a fascinating and convincing argument, contrary to many contemporary scholars, that Jesus consciously understood his own death as an act of atonement and expressed it clearly at the Last Supper. Lohfink’s approach is altogether historical and critical, but he agrees with Karl Barth that “historical criticism has to be more critical.” The result is a convincing and profound picture of Jesus. Everyone who values being a Christian will find enrichment here.

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