Reimagining The Sacred

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Michael Demetrius H. Asis

In this well-researched but highly readable book, Dr. Asis translates some of the up-to-date, critical scholarship in liturgical and sacramental theology into more practical, relevant, and pastoral pedagogical principles and methods that can address a wider, non-specialized readership. He takes up current theological scholarship and pushes it a step further by creating a teaching paradigm that can help modify the mindset and misunderstandings of many Catholic Filipinos regarding the place and meaning of the sacraments in their lives—all in view of a more informed, vibrant, communal, inculturated, and ethically-oriented liturgical life in the Philippines. This book can assist in effective teacher formation in religious education (religious educators, religion teachers, catechists, pastors, liturgists and liturgical coordinators) in institutes of various levels (parish, grade school, high school, college, religious communities and formation houses). Graduate students involved in liturgical research and seminary students, pastors, parish workers preparing for pastoral work in liturgical ministry may also find this book a helpful resource.

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